Tuesday, March 22, 2005


This was even a crazier day, I have bags under my eyes and I haven't had a chance to take a shower, so I'm a little pissed about this whole situation. Jasmine decided that she wanted to wake her teething behind up at 2:30 in the morning and did not go back to sleep until 6 this morning. And about time I was getting deep into my sleep, Danielle was out of her bed standing at my beside tugging on my hair yelling, "eat". So I had to get up and fix her some grits, which I would like to add that it sucked. The grits I cooked was so lumpy that the stray cat outside did not even get near it. But Danielle did manage to eat the sausage and applesauce. I fixed Jasmine a bottle and fed her, and then I put both of them in the tub. My bathroom floor is still soak and wet from these splashing happy kids. Today, in order to relieve some of my anxiety I took them to the park, so they could interact with other kids. But that bad Danielle thought she was at Burger King,(have it your way). She did not believe in the word sharing and playing with others. She went around hitting these kids and throwing dirt at them. Their mom's philosophy was not to hit her, but to tell her no no, and hope that it works. But I am ready to spank her rear end; I wanted to skip the hand popping. My boyfriend is mad at me, because he says I'm spending too much time with the kids and not enough with him. I asked him, "Who do you think I am?" So he has been gone for about 3 hours now, to go shoot some pool. Finally the kids are taking a nap and I feel my eyes are getting tighter. I am happy to say that I only have a couple more days with these kids and I will finally be able to relax. Yeah right, because I will be returning to work off my vacation next week. It seems like I want be getting any sleep because Jasmine is in the other room crying now, so I will go tend to her. Maybe things will get better as the week slowly goes by.

Myself in The Harlem Renaissance(my picture)

If I were to be in my painting I would be overwhelmed because of the simple fact that I like to dance, so quite naturally I would the lady in the bright red dressed that is outlined in white. Yes I am laid back, I'm am feeling the rhythm from the cream saxaphone that is diagnol from me. My friend that is standing next to me is making a fool out himself because he really don't know who to dance, so he shrugs his shoulders at me. You see the lady in the blue, that is my neighbor and she is currently dating the saxaphone player. He invited of to the club, in order to free our mind. I have been in here for about an hour and I am just getting on the dance floor, I wish the people standing on the side would come on the dance floor, so we could do the swing. The music is so soft; it would have been a little more exciting if the drummer would have showed up, but the saxophone is okay to. Behind me is the club owner, who is old as dirt. I hear the four men behind me laughing and chatting. Over the saxophone I can see the man dressed in the white, ow how I want to go over there and dance with him. He is putting me to same. If I didn't have on this dress I would show him a little something. It is a little humid in the club, but you can tell by the way I keep swaying my hips. I do not want this night to be over because of such a good time I am having. This club is so lively with all the passinate bright colors.

The Meaning of the Images I See

Back in Harlem this was the time for African Americans to express the way they feel. The meaning behind these people having a great time in their small club, was celebrating the new generation of all the black artist and intellectuals that had created a flourishing culture for them. The black people were trying to demostrate the richness of their own racial heritage, and that is how Jerry Butler, the artist came about creating this picture. The meaning of this picture can only be understood if you know a little something about the Harlem Renaissance. In my previous sentence, I have given you a brief overview of what it is mainly about. When I look at the picture I see some people dancing, other people chatting but overall these people are expressing their true feelings. In the center of the dance floor, there is a man who is nicely dressed in a white suit. The meaning of him could possibly be that he is the life of the party, as we would say today. Although he is representing loneliness, he is indeed expressing himself in a uplifting manner. The women are dressed in eloquent dresses; the women that are on the dance floor seem to be dancing in a controlable manner in order to maintain their looks. Staring at the picture over and over is kind of hard trying to depict the meaning of everything, so to summarize the whole entire picture I would say that in this picture his intention were express these peoples feeling in a happy way.

Friday, March 18, 2005

If I were to be in my picture I would be on the dance floor swaying my hips like the other people. If I walked in my picture I would probably hear the saxaphone being played because of how interested the people seem to be, although the artist did not include detail in their faces. I would probably hear the men in the background laughing and conversating because by the way they are looking it seems they are having a wonderful time. In this picture I would have thought it would have been more people on the dance floor, since during the Harlem Renaissance this is what they did.

Monday, March 14, 2005

My Essay

My Babysitting Experience

Who would have ever thought that I would have the patience and determination to deal with kids? From my perception, kids can be aggravating, too noisy, and just plain grown. . I do not have a grudge between kids because I kind of like the little creatures, that is when they are sleeping or on television. My name is Tonya and I am 18 years old. I am a 5’4, outgoing female that loves to experience new things, and as you can tell I do not plan on having kids. No I am not looking for a man who does not want kids because I have a lovely boyfriend named Marvin who I will marry in the next 3 years. Periodically my boyfriend and I have been discussing whether we were having kids whenever we decide to tie the knot. He would ask me all the time, “Baby do you think you will make a good mother?” Laughing at his question I would say, “Yea if hell freezes over!” And besides all I know about kids is they need bathing, they need feeding when they cry or say eat, they go to the bathroom when they say pot or if their pamper sag. He would tell me to be more involved with kids by taking up time with them. And I would respond and say, “Besides who would want me to watch their children, I do not trust my own self!” Ironically my sister gave me a phone call a week ago and asked gutlessly, “Tonya do you possibly think that you can watch Danielle and Jasmine for me, while Marquis and I go on our cruise to Jamaica for the week?” Although it was such short notice I shouted with a loud outburst and unenthusiastically said yes. For heaven sakes Danielle and Jasmine are my twin nieces who I haven’t seen since they were 3; they are 4 now. Frantic about the news, I began getting too anxious. “I have to spot clean my house, go to the grocery store, and to top things I really don’t know anything about babysitting!” The question is, will I make a great babysitter? There was only one way to find out, and I did it; I went through a journey of babysitting my nieces. Danielle and Jasmine both showed me that babysitting could be interesting, challenging, and enriching.
As you know my interest in kids is very low, I can put up with them to a certain extinct. My first day of babysitting them was difficult because I kept getting them confused because they looked so much alike. It took me about two days to set it straight; I had to learn that Jasmine had a small mole by her ear and Danielle did not have one. With this being my first time of babysitting I had my sister write down a list of everything I need to do, and one thing that I noticed on the list was to be adventurous with the kids, and she suggested Chucke’ Cheeses or the neighborhood playground. The girls already were not use to me, and they cried throughout the day yelling, “I want my mommy!” And of course being me, I was yelling right with them saying the same thing. But the funny thing is when I began doing it, they both stopped and looked at me as if I was psycho or something. But hey it worked. Marvin suggested maybe they will be more acquainted to me if we take them to Chucke’ Cheeses. ‘How they have been throwing tantrums on me”, I said, “I need to say no”; but I thought this is what might cool them down. They did let me bathed them, put on their clothes, and luckily my sister braided their hair, because I do not know anything about doing hair. Arriving at Chucke’ Cheeses, Danielle and Jasmine realized that I was a cool person after all. They got loose and began running around with the other kids there. I was so nervous because I did not want either of them to injury their selves. Overall, I do not know who had the most fun; the girls or me. We were up and down the slide as if we were kids in the candy store. After seeing how one little trip to Chucke’ Cheeses made these kids adore me, made me feel a little more comfortable about being their babysitter.
Although I shared many fun times with Danielle and Jasmine, they showed me that babysitting comes with many challenges. Being that they are twins, you have to treat them equally. I had to learn that you could not sit one of them in your lap and not place the other one on the opposite lap, because jealousy is involved. I noticed that they like to play a lot and make a lot of noise. Being that I am a college student, I had a paper due that next week. I was trying to balance everything. When I tried writing my paper while they took naps I was something for Marvin and not for myself or I had to tend to my house, because I wanted to keep a safe and clean environment while the kids were in my care. When they were awake I had to make sure they went to the bathroom regularly and that they ate all their meals, which was nothing more than grits and eggs for breakfast, ham sandwiches for lunch, and a TV. dinner for supper. I was a bad cook and I knew it. Look at me, back and forth trying to satisfy some 4 year olds; they wanted to watch one television show at one minute and then another one at the other minute, they wanted me to pop in Shark Tales about 3 different times, they wanted to go outside to run around in the backyard, and they wanted to jump up and down and see who makes the loudest noise. Thinking from the things they were doing they should be tired but I was the one exhausted. Marvin would look and laugh, and say, “I guess you really do not want any kids” And at that time, I thought about all the challenges that I went through and told him they would just slow me down.
Facing all the challenges when babysitting these girls did not outweigh how enriching babysitting could be. I may sound a little insane, when I say these girls inspired me to become a better person. I portrayed all kids as little creatures that are noisy, aggravating, which is true, but I have a different definition towards each word. They are only noisy because they are not receiving enough attention and they are really not aggravating until the person is already aggravated at something else. Yes, my boyfriend and I are planning on getting married, and there are doubts about the kids, but Danielle and Jasmine has taught to keep pushing. No matter how much I wanted to give up on these girls and call their mom to tell her to come get them, I realize that there is nothing more sweeter and precious than kids. Just looking at the girls relieved my mind from work, school, bills, and any other thing that my mind was on; it was on how much I adore kids.
I had to admit I never thought babysitting my two nieces would help me have a better understanding of dealing with kids. Receiving that phone call my sister, made me excited not only to see my nieces but also to experience something new. Babysitting makes me think of the phrase, “What don’t kill you can only make you stronger!” Babysitting my nieces made me a stronger person in order to maintain more patience and determination. In some odd way, they showed me that babysitting can be interesting, challenging, and enriching. I was glad that my sister chose me to be her kids’ babysitter because I am a new person.

Friday, February 25, 2005

The day before the Rugrats came

When I awoke this morning, I was very happy; my two nieces were coming over to stay with me for the whole week. Getting prepared for them, I had been cleaning my nasty house for the past two days. My house has five bedrooms, with three baths, a loft, and a den. In my downstairs area are my two guest rooms, where my nieces will be staying. Ironically, I already have a baby room in my house. This room has an oak wood crib, with a rocking chair beside it, the room is painted pink and the theme is my girl. My boyfriend thinks I am crazy, but I just wanted a baby room to lay my kids at night. My two kids, Amber and Amberia are very easy to take care, I did not pay much for them I only paid 10 dollar a piece for them at Walmart, I get a little offended when you call them dolls because they are my kids.. However, they might be a little upset because they are decorations for the room now, since Jasmine will be sleeping in the crib. I am very fortune to have this house because I am a hard working sales associate at simply fashions. My name is Tonya and I am only 18 years old. I am 5’4, with long hair, and I weigh about 120lbs. I am originally from North Carolina but now I stay in Macon, Georgia with my boyfriend. I have no children, but my boyfriend and I are planning on getting married and having kids, but that is another story. Anyway, I stayed up all last night trying to get my down stairs area clean for my nieces. I was back and forth up the stairs stashing hazardous, fragile, and sentimental things upstairs. I had to mop the kitchen floor, dust my dusty furniture, vacuum all the carpet downstairs, and go grocery shopping. My boyfriend, Marvin, is use to eating out every other day, so we do not have groceries. My sister and her husband are going to Jamaicca this week and I volunteered to babysit her kids for this week. My niece Danielle is one years old and Jasmine is only 5 month old. Well I need to finish cleaning my house before they enter into funville, that is my house of course.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Additional Week

4 more days and they will be gone, it's crazy to say this but I don't want them to go. After all the things they put me through I don't want any kids. Stupid boy finally talked to me today, and I chickened out because I did not cuss him out, maybe I was angry at that moment because he wouldn't talk to me. He apologized to me so I will no longer be calling him stupid, he is my baby, and technically I mean baby. I washed the girls hair and put them in the tub, and if I would have known that this would have calm the kids down then I would have been washed their hair. They slept for at least 2 hours. I talked on the phone with my sister and she asked me how did I like keeping her kids, I told her it was okay, but I don't want any of my own, she laughed and told me how much fun they were having and that they wanted to stay another week. That's when I went to snapping saying oh Hell naw, I love your kids but not that much to go through another week with them. Then something came over me, and I told her I was just playing and I would not mind keeping them another week. I was kind of upset, because I have to go to the grocery store and buy more things, and toys to keep them entertain, o yea and some tynenol to make them go to sleep. Maybe my boyfriend will very upset with me, but who cares.

The First Good Day

Okay I've only had 3 hours of sleep my head hurts, and my boyfriend is still not talking to me. He can be so stupid sometimes. How is he going to ask me am I going to be the mother of his kids, and he can't handle me spending time with these rugrats that I am babysitting. He is jealous, and when I get time to talk to him, I am going to cuss his jealous behind out. Today I took the kids other my mothers house so she could see them; since they stay in another state we do not get a chance to see them often. Danielle loves her grandma Lit. I did tend to get those 3 hours of sleep at my mothers house. She cooked for me because she could tell that I was exhausted. She cooked my favorite, collard greens that were not to sweet with a little peppers added to them, she cooked a baked honey ham, and also some potato salad. I was so full, that I did not want to drive home. I did fix that stupid a plate, so he could eat. Overall the girls were okay today. My mother gave me some oragel to apply to Jasmine's gum, and she baked Danielle some cookies. Today Danielle was pretty good, and I was happy to know that she can be a good kid. Well the girls are asleep and I need some sleep so I will have end this night by taking my butt to sleep.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Day 1

My house is clean and it was a crazy day for me. Jasmine was okay overall, but that Danielle worked my last nerve. She is a living nightmare. The first thing that she did this morning was urinated all over my new bedspread. I flipped the strip, and all my boyfriend did was laughed and went back to playing his stupid video game. After washing my bedspread, she put toothpaste all in my dryer. So I could not put my bedspread in the dryer, I had to let it air dry, then I had to iron it. I did manage to give Jasmine a wash off, and feed her. But after doing this, I found Danielle drawing all over my research paper that I have put 12 hours into. She drew on my walls and overstuffed my toilet with tissue. By the time I had put Danielle to sleep, my hair was sticking out as if I got electrocuted, and Jasmine was just waking up from her nap. Jasmine worked my nerves just a little because of her constant crying from her teething. Well my house is quiet now because it is 12:01 and the kids are asleep, and this is the only time I could get to myself