Monday, March 14, 2005

My Essay

My Babysitting Experience

Who would have ever thought that I would have the patience and determination to deal with kids? From my perception, kids can be aggravating, too noisy, and just plain grown. . I do not have a grudge between kids because I kind of like the little creatures, that is when they are sleeping or on television. My name is Tonya and I am 18 years old. I am a 5’4, outgoing female that loves to experience new things, and as you can tell I do not plan on having kids. No I am not looking for a man who does not want kids because I have a lovely boyfriend named Marvin who I will marry in the next 3 years. Periodically my boyfriend and I have been discussing whether we were having kids whenever we decide to tie the knot. He would ask me all the time, “Baby do you think you will make a good mother?” Laughing at his question I would say, “Yea if hell freezes over!” And besides all I know about kids is they need bathing, they need feeding when they cry or say eat, they go to the bathroom when they say pot or if their pamper sag. He would tell me to be more involved with kids by taking up time with them. And I would respond and say, “Besides who would want me to watch their children, I do not trust my own self!” Ironically my sister gave me a phone call a week ago and asked gutlessly, “Tonya do you possibly think that you can watch Danielle and Jasmine for me, while Marquis and I go on our cruise to Jamaica for the week?” Although it was such short notice I shouted with a loud outburst and unenthusiastically said yes. For heaven sakes Danielle and Jasmine are my twin nieces who I haven’t seen since they were 3; they are 4 now. Frantic about the news, I began getting too anxious. “I have to spot clean my house, go to the grocery store, and to top things I really don’t know anything about babysitting!” The question is, will I make a great babysitter? There was only one way to find out, and I did it; I went through a journey of babysitting my nieces. Danielle and Jasmine both showed me that babysitting could be interesting, challenging, and enriching.
As you know my interest in kids is very low, I can put up with them to a certain extinct. My first day of babysitting them was difficult because I kept getting them confused because they looked so much alike. It took me about two days to set it straight; I had to learn that Jasmine had a small mole by her ear and Danielle did not have one. With this being my first time of babysitting I had my sister write down a list of everything I need to do, and one thing that I noticed on the list was to be adventurous with the kids, and she suggested Chucke’ Cheeses or the neighborhood playground. The girls already were not use to me, and they cried throughout the day yelling, “I want my mommy!” And of course being me, I was yelling right with them saying the same thing. But the funny thing is when I began doing it, they both stopped and looked at me as if I was psycho or something. But hey it worked. Marvin suggested maybe they will be more acquainted to me if we take them to Chucke’ Cheeses. ‘How they have been throwing tantrums on me”, I said, “I need to say no”; but I thought this is what might cool them down. They did let me bathed them, put on their clothes, and luckily my sister braided their hair, because I do not know anything about doing hair. Arriving at Chucke’ Cheeses, Danielle and Jasmine realized that I was a cool person after all. They got loose and began running around with the other kids there. I was so nervous because I did not want either of them to injury their selves. Overall, I do not know who had the most fun; the girls or me. We were up and down the slide as if we were kids in the candy store. After seeing how one little trip to Chucke’ Cheeses made these kids adore me, made me feel a little more comfortable about being their babysitter.
Although I shared many fun times with Danielle and Jasmine, they showed me that babysitting comes with many challenges. Being that they are twins, you have to treat them equally. I had to learn that you could not sit one of them in your lap and not place the other one on the opposite lap, because jealousy is involved. I noticed that they like to play a lot and make a lot of noise. Being that I am a college student, I had a paper due that next week. I was trying to balance everything. When I tried writing my paper while they took naps I was something for Marvin and not for myself or I had to tend to my house, because I wanted to keep a safe and clean environment while the kids were in my care. When they were awake I had to make sure they went to the bathroom regularly and that they ate all their meals, which was nothing more than grits and eggs for breakfast, ham sandwiches for lunch, and a TV. dinner for supper. I was a bad cook and I knew it. Look at me, back and forth trying to satisfy some 4 year olds; they wanted to watch one television show at one minute and then another one at the other minute, they wanted me to pop in Shark Tales about 3 different times, they wanted to go outside to run around in the backyard, and they wanted to jump up and down and see who makes the loudest noise. Thinking from the things they were doing they should be tired but I was the one exhausted. Marvin would look and laugh, and say, “I guess you really do not want any kids” And at that time, I thought about all the challenges that I went through and told him they would just slow me down.
Facing all the challenges when babysitting these girls did not outweigh how enriching babysitting could be. I may sound a little insane, when I say these girls inspired me to become a better person. I portrayed all kids as little creatures that are noisy, aggravating, which is true, but I have a different definition towards each word. They are only noisy because they are not receiving enough attention and they are really not aggravating until the person is already aggravated at something else. Yes, my boyfriend and I are planning on getting married, and there are doubts about the kids, but Danielle and Jasmine has taught to keep pushing. No matter how much I wanted to give up on these girls and call their mom to tell her to come get them, I realize that there is nothing more sweeter and precious than kids. Just looking at the girls relieved my mind from work, school, bills, and any other thing that my mind was on; it was on how much I adore kids.
I had to admit I never thought babysitting my two nieces would help me have a better understanding of dealing with kids. Receiving that phone call my sister, made me excited not only to see my nieces but also to experience something new. Babysitting makes me think of the phrase, “What don’t kill you can only make you stronger!” Babysitting my nieces made me a stronger person in order to maintain more patience and determination. In some odd way, they showed me that babysitting can be interesting, challenging, and enriching. I was glad that my sister chose me to be her kids’ babysitter because I am a new person.


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